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 Sunday, September 25, 2016

Requirements to come to Canada as a Nanny


To come to Canada as a Nanny or Caregiver you must meet the following criteria. Please read the list of requirements that the Canadian Government wants you to fulfill.

1. Do you have 72 college units?

2. Do you have 11 or more months of experience working as a caregiver/nanny or both?

3. Are you working as a caregiver/caretaker in Taiwan or Hong Kong? It can be in a nursing home or other care facility?

4. If you are not a caregiver/nanny, for example if you are a factory worker you MUST still have 72 college units and MUST have 6 Months Caregiver Course.

5. All files must be submitted to the embassy one month before your contract in Taiwan or Hong Kong ends. Do you have your official documents? If you donít have your documents you must be able to get them.

6.) Do you have your passport? If you employer has your passport. Can you get it back?
Please note that employers in Asia and the Middle East often hold on to caregivers/nannies passport to ensure a caregiver canít leave. Please keep in mind that this practice is illegal and you must find a way to get your passport back if you donít have it. If your passport is going to expire, now is a good time to renew it.

7.) If your job title is an elder or disabled caregiver, do you have children that you care for in the household?

8.) Have you worked as a nanny or caregiver in the past 3 years?

If you feel like you meet the above requirements then contact us now.


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Please see below the list of documents you should have or start to collect to apply to Canada. 

1. Resume
2. Letter to Canadian family
3. Employer References
4. Police Clearance
5. ARC
6. NBI
7. Passport
8. School Transcript
9. High School Diploma
10. College Diploma
11. Birth Certificate
12. Marriage Certificate (If you are married)
13. NSO Certificate
14. Caregiver Certificate (If you have one)
15. Employment Certificate

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